Holly Dai is the epitome of a fully packed internationally awarded showgirl and pinup. From creating essential costume pieces to producing festivals and local shows, this rosé haired beauty channels vintage vibes and tiki spirit. A sparkling confection plucked from the rainy city of Portland Oregon, to sweeten your evening. Holly is the head mistress of the All that Glitter Burlesque Academy and a producer of the Oregon Burlesque festival. She is also a published pinup and has been pictured in magazines such as Bachelor Pad and The Night Owl.

Holly Dai has been performing since her debut in 2009. She has made appearances as the Great Burlesque Exposition (Boston, MA), awarded Most Classic, the Windy City Burlesque Festival (Chicago, IL), the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival, Tiki Oasis (San Diego), the New Zealand Burlesque Festival, the New Orleans Burlesque Festival, and the New Mexico Burlesque Festival. She has performed in several cities around the nation as well as traveled as far as Australia.