Orchid Fantasy
As seen at Tiki Oasis 2018, this beautiful act is dedicated to the exotic orchid and sounds of the pacific. This blossoming flower evokes a tropical aura of excitement and striptease. Costumed in mint green and fuscia, with a giant showgirl boa tail, this act is perfect for your sultry evening.

Orchids have a mystique that seems to set them apart from most other flowers: They are elegant and almost unreal in their perfection. Even though orchids are one of the largest flowering plant families, every orchid species has a unique look. This orchid is ready to please and tease in Orchid Fantasy.

Spring Blossom
In the blossoming month of spring this act shines. This surprising act evokes the saying of April showers brings May flowers!

“When the whole world seems so drear, And above dark clouds appear, And your heat seems filled with fear, Don’t feel sad and blue; Think how nice it soon will be, When the sun shines cheerfully, Try it and I know you’ll see What I say is true!

April showers bring May flowers, And sweet bowers, where roses twine; Now I know too, I can show you, That it’s so too all the time, If the sunshine came at one time, All the fun time would soon be through; April showers bring May flowers, So just wait ’till love comes to you.”

Trust in Tiki
As seen at Tiki Oasis 2017 and the New Mexico Burlesque Festival 2019, this bold act features 40″ extravagant pheasant feather fans. With an air of mysticism and fog, Trust in Tiki features a seductive version of the Jungle Book’s song “Trust in Me.”

Slithering into your senses with this delightful version of a fan dance, Holly’s beautifully crafted act combines classic burlesque and an exotic feel. This act is perfect for large stages.

Bear Mash Blues
As seen at the 2018 New Orleans Burlesque Festival, this classic burlesque number is the perfect combo of glamour and sass. The sultry sounds of jazz and a hot saxophone, couple perfectly with Holly Dai’s bumps and grinds.